Everyone elses comfort is not your burden to carry.

Embrace this power of your body. Dismiss the fear, dismiss the opinion of others. 

Such a sacred time in a new mothers life has been turned into something she is shamed for. The intuition of feeding her baby. We are living in a society that is conditional. Birth the baby, but only how the medical structure says. Feed the baby, but if it's by your breast not around me. Love the baby, but don't let them have or share their own feelings. Why are we raising our children and ignoring our instincts to not create waves? Why does the feminine power of a women need to be regulated?

Statistically Speaking..

Statistically speaking, mothers are taught very little about breastfeeding. An uninformed pregnant women may not realize that a majority of medical providers are not interested in wether you choose to breastfeed or not. Breastfeeding just like birth, requires intentional planning from not only the mother, but also her support system. Most providers will not explain the benefits and difficulties that come with breastfeeding, and when those times come (and oh will they come), mothers will give without support. Formula is absolutely necessary for some babies and that is valid. There is no debate of your autonomy to choose how you feed you baby.


If you feel embarrassment, shame, or mis-informed I want to empower you to take your breastfeeding journey into your own hands.



But this journey is also beautiful. It is magical. It is a bond created.

Did you Know?

  • A newborn baby can smell their mothers colostrum right after they are born. Baby is also born with a "stepping reflex" that allows them to use their own legs to move up their mothers chest toward their breasts. Allowing baby to lead and familiarize themselves with your breast and nipple actually improves the chances of a successful latch. While learning the breasts, baby may "talk" to the breasts making small cooing sounds. This raises the oxytocin levels in both mother and baby, signaling milk to begin being produced.

Get in touch with the Birth Community around you, I promise there is one.

Ask questions and get to know your body, your rights, and information that most will never learn.

If you are in Dayton, Ohio use the resource guide Below to find Lactation + Birth Support.