Hi, my name is


I'm a

Mom, Friend, Advocate, and Motherhood Documenter.


My name is Clarion. I'm a mom to three beautiful babies, a slow and intentional soul, possibly a little "woowoo". I ground every morning, I love to garden (or try to at least), and I'm a documentary style Maternity, Birth, and Motherhood Photographer based in Dayton, Ohio.

Though my journey into motherhood, it was a rude awakening. For some reason, I truly can't think back on how I had envisioned this life to be, but I was wrong. My village didn't form, my world had just been flipped upside down, and postpartum truly took many, many days from my memory. From that, I know just how much this experience shapes a person. The good and bad.. it molds you into a new being.

I remember that it was so hard.. day in and day out being relied on for every breath, snack, drink. Every day was hard.. until it wasn't anymore.You see, that's the thing. Motherhood isn't still and inert, your journey can change at any given second. What's even worse is that we never know when it will happen, there is no warning. One day there will be no more internal flutters, no more babies to meet for the first time, and no more little backs to tickle.

I believe that these moments deserve to be captured in a way that is honest and beautiful. Being a mother myself has given me a deep understanding and empathy for the emotional journey that all mothers go through. The magic of pregnancy, to the emotions of childbirth, and then finding who you are again after those babies grow.

My approach is natural and unobtrusive, as I strive to capture the beauty of every moment in an authentic and genuine way. I want my clients to look back on these photos and feel the love, warmth and tenderness that encapsulates their unique journey here. I am just a fly on the wall, one with a camera of course and slightly less annoying.