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My name is Clarion, and I'm happy to welcome you to my heart.

Hello friend, my name is Clarion and I'm so happy you're here. This art of mine is a piece of my own. I have been documenting the journey of Birth and Motherhood through Photography in the Dayton, Ohio area for four years now. It feels absolutely absurd to say such thing because it does not feel that way, but it has. I have been invited into some of the most sacred spaces and moments for mothers in all stages, and the perspective that it has given me is something I am grateful for daily.

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If had to make a short summary about everything that makes me who I am and why the work that I do is special... I couldn't. I'm a millennial mom who, you guessed it, decided to pick up a camera after having my children. JOKES, kinda not really. The phase of Motherhood is something so familiar to me.. something so imminent, as I am still in the depths of it myself. I'm a mom to three beautiful babies, a slow and intentional soul, possibly a little "woowoo". Read more ↓ 

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Dayton, Ohio Award Winning Photographer specializing in Maternity and Motherhood Portraiture.

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